Gail Mae

Letting Go Life Coach

Gail Mae made the decision to rebrand herself after being established for a number of years. She was looking to reposition herself in the online market and have her personal brand truly reflect all she had to offer.


Brand Design, Web Design & Development, Online Course Sales Page, Online Course Setup



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The Solution

‘The Letting Go Life’, which became the name of her signature online course, set the tone for her entire rebrand. It brought to mind the image of wings, which we used in her logo. Light blue matched perfectly with the limitless potential of an open sky, while a royal navy is associated with experience, trustworthiness, and authority. The brand is elegant and timeless like Gail Mae’s style, and the new website built in Kajabi took it to the next level. By developing this unique visual language for the brand, the website looked so unlike the standard templated Kajabi site.


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