Madrona Integrative Health

Multi-disciplinary Health Clinic

When Dr Hannah Webb approached us, she was in the process of opening her clinic in Salt Spring Island called Madrona Integrative Health. We were tasked with developing the brand and website and it was imperative that it all felt true to the Salt Spring Island community the clinic was there to serve.


Brand Design, Web Design & Development, Custom Brand Illustrations, Social Media Post Templates

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The Solution

The Madrona tree, native to the area and coloured in a rich red, was the namesake and branding hero for the clinic. When developing the logo, the choice to use tree rings as the icon also brought another conceptual layer of representing the levels and depths of health. Everything in this brand is balanced, with the rich reds grounded by earth tones, and the elegant serifs softened with a supporting signature script. At a later date, we elevated the brand further by adding custom illustrations of all of the native flora, fauna, and berries used medicinally. These illustrations gave the brand aesthetic a lighter, friendly touch, and the client now has some fun elements to play with in their social media.


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