Thank you to all the incredible individuals who have trusted me with their brand visuals.

Working with Naomi was truly fantastic. She brought to life abstract ideas and images I had in my head. She was patient, listened, asked great questions, but also was an excellent guide in the process. Her communication was timely, honest, and clear. In a day and age where there are many creative professionals to choose from I feel lucky to have worked with Naomi. I was far from an easy client, and my project truly put her talents to the test, but she delivered not only a beautiful website but a symbolic logo to go along with it. If you are looking to collaborate and be creative with bringing an idea, business, or whatever to life, Naomi should without a doubt be in consideration.

Cody Alimondi

Working with Naomi was an absolute dream! From the initial kick-off call I could tell that she grasped the direction in which I wanted to go, and was able to make sense of my vision (even with my limited design/technical vocabulary to explain it). When I got the first mockup I was floored — she brought to life my brand in a way that felt so authentic. Having a professional and personalized website set the tone for my business, and I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out! And it doesn’t hurt that I get tons of compliments from clients and friends alike :-). Thank you Naomi!

Chelsea Kane

Naomi! Where do I even begin with this testimonial. What a gem. What a professional. What a BOSS. I came to Naomi with my crazy idea and I was struggling to get my branding up to par with my vision. I spent an entire hour (ha, ya just an hour) explaining to Naomi my vision for my business. In all honesty, I barely gave her anything… I knew she was going to do a great job deep down, but what I didn’t know, was that she was about to NAIL my vision. I came back from vacation with 3 vision boards, they were ALL incredible, but one of them stood out. Next step was a facelift to the website, a logo, facebook ads and honestly she got me totally set up for my business launch. It felt like overnight I woke up to mastery. I had tears of JOY every time I woke up… She not only did everything perfectly, but she literally did it over night (we were in different time zones, so I’m sure that helped). Regardless, I’m forever grateful for absolutely everything she was able to create based a small description of my vision. I have to give her ALL of the credit for bringing my vision to life. Thank you Naomi for being your best self, understanding your clients and seeing through their eyes. You’ve made one grateful client over here!

Stephanie Rieux

We were very happy with Naomi’s redesign of their website. The engagement process was clear from the beginning, and Naomi offered some great solutions for new timetable and booking functionality we wanted. I would be very happy recommending Naomi’s services.

Jonathan Marsh
Goldhawk Digital

Working with Naomi has been such a wonderful experience in every way. From the initial video conference chat, I feel like she totally captured in graphics and design the real me. I was stuck for years on creating a new site, and she was the solution. My new site is radiantly stunningly beautiful and i continue to have her create new banners for all my courses. She quickly captures what I am looking for (andsometimes what I couldn’t have imagined I wanted) and does it in reasonable timeframe. Everyone agrees that my site is stunning! I now feel so confident sharing my teachings as all the graphics resonate deeply with my work. She is now part of my Dream Team!

Kumari Mullin

Naomi built our new White Wash website and we absolutely love it. The old website was incredibly difficult to make updates however with the rebuild Naomi has made the interface so each to work with. She has been incredibly helpful on multiple occasions (even one Sunday afternoon!) and nothing was too much trouble. Nothing was missed in terms of attention to detail. It is rare to get a web designer that has the technical capabilities to take on any website, and who also has the aesthetic sensibilities to pull off a beautifully designed site. I would be more than happy to recommend Naomi’s second-to-none skills to anyone. Thanks again Naomi!

Bridie Quinn

I couldn’t be more pleased with the work that Naomi has done for me to create a brand and website for my company. In just a couple straightforward Skype meetings, she perfectly grasped the look and feel I was going for. She knew exactly the right questions to ask to achieve a result that I’m thrilled with. I always get compliments on the business cards she designed for me and I’ve happily recommended her to friends who have their own businesses.

Elizabeth Garrison

I was super enthused to work with Naomi on designing my website. She geared me in the right direction and in identifying the pages I would need. She went above and beyond what I thought was website design. She was very knowledgeable about the sales path my website should be built upon, about how the content on each page should be built around call to actions, and so on. I was thankful for the easy way she explained everything and for providing me with a guide on how to edit my website in WordPress if I needed too. Working with Naomi was a charm, I am super proud of my website!

Patricia Robichaud